About the Engineering Team

Our engineering team is a carefully selected group of brilliant minds. They include musicians, artists, hockey players, fathers and outdoorsmen! Hiring locally, most of our team lives in the ever-growing Nashville. Through tools like Slack and Google Hangouts, our team stays in close contact even when enjoying a work from home day.

There are also countless opportunities for the team to expand their professional careers. We partner with Nashville Software School and the Nashville Technology Council on various events (both organizations are located in the same building as our Nashville office).

Engineering team playing the escape game
Engineering team Mr. Potato Head mascot
Two members of the engineering team working together

What is the team building?

Our business involves moving huge amounts of data through real-time processing to match our customers with the technical products that will make them successful. We build tools to help make this process faster, more efficient, and more accurate.

What tools does our team use?

Everything we do is version-controlled on Git and deployed to AWS. We develop microservices using the Laravel Framework, written mostly in PHP/Vue.js and deployed using Forge/Envoyer, yet soon to be into Docker containers. Our engineers use a Mac with the editors or IDEs of their choice, working mostly out of a local Docker-based development environment supported by Binci.