July 10, 2015

ConnectAndSell Sales Software Product Spotlight

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In this product spotlight video, ConnectAndSell’s VP of Sales and Marketing Chad Burmeister speaks with Technology Analyst Eric Perry. As ConnectAndSell’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Burmeister shares how ConnectAndSell helps businesses succeed, including how they eliminate the problem of getting business decision makers on the phone.

When asked about what separates ConnectAndSell from other sales platforms, Burmeister explained that they hold patent #8649500. As Burmeister explains, “the patent enables us to bring in agents on the fly, dynamically, to route calls, get through … gatekeepers and IVRs, and actually get to the decision maker and put them on the phone with your seller.”  Essentially, ConnectAndSell can use this unique system to rapidly accelerate the process of getting to a buyer.

Burmeister explained that not only is ConnectAndSell a good solution for some of the biggest brands, but it also serves Series A and Series B funded business who can’t hire a sales team fast enough to grow.

Regarding best practices for their software, Burmeister said, “Pick two.” Meaning pick two of your best sellers and set the bar with them to prove that the system works. Then incorporate it across your whole team.

Burmeister went on to add:

“A lot of sales organizations have the tendency to say, Let me just give this to my team of a hundred. We highly discourage that… Pick two of your best sellers. People who like to talk on the phone. Prove the model with them. Set the bar with them, and then you can see what the metrics are. What are the conversion rates, how are they converting, how many conversations per day are they having, and build the model around the two sellers. Then deploy it to the rest of your sales force.”

Below are a few excerpts from the remainder of the conversation:

TA: Tell us about your ideal customer.

Burmeister: “IBM, SAP, Concur, Workday, we work with some of the biggest companies and brands in the world. We also serve Series A and Series B funded startups. These are companies who generally can’t hire sales teams fast enough to grow their business. They rely on ConnectAndSell to make their best sellers three, four, five, even ten times more productive than they would normally be.”

TA: I would really like to hear about your pricing structure.

Burmeister: “There are three or four ways to purchase ConnectAndSell.  Either by the dial, by the conversation, or for power users who leverage this platform two, three, four hours a day, they can purchase a name user license. So, it’s very flexible based on whether it’s a lead generation rep, a sales rep, someone in the marketing department, or even the renewals team. There are a lot of very flexible models based on the individual needs of the company.”

TA: Talk about a limitation that you have on your product.

Burmeister: “Recently we launched a product called ConnectAndSell: OutboundOnDemand.  What we saw is that our top one hundred customers’ sellers, using the platform, could have two hundred fifty dials in a day, thirty, forty, fifty conversations, and that was pretty good. We saw that some of the sellers were more successful having more conversations than they normally would, but there was a large percentage that were not that successful. It’s sales. There’s always going to be A players and B Players, and then all else. Bringing sales coaching as a service, the ability to record the conversations, getting inside of them, and provide coaching was a very important aspect that we found was missing in the market place. Now, under ConnectAndSell: OutboundOnDemand, we bring a way for our customers to come to ConnectAndSell and leverage the platform of our lead generation reps. Instead of two hundred and fifty dials a day, this team is routinely driving over one thousand dials per day, between fifty and one hundred conversations.  And the best part is the quality of those conversations are at an all time high. By partnering with Factor 8 Training and other sales training organizations, our sellers are equipped to have better conversations that convert at a very very high level.”


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