August 23, 2017

How to Find Authentically Interested Leads with TechnologyAdvice

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At TechnologyAdvice, our in-house authors and industry contributors write a lot about how technology can help strengthen your internal and external operations. Whether it’s making data more accessible or automating day-to-day functions or strengthening team communication, technology can serve many needs and solve many business challenges.

For one marketing program manager, Tim Wulf of Intacct, that big business challenge was all about finding qualified leads. And while Tim did find a solution on a visit to TechnologyAdvice, it wasn’t the one you’d expect.

“Of all the other providers I work with, TechnologyAdvice is the only one I feel truly wants to align their programs with our goals. They’re looking to help us with business outcomes, not just lead gen.”

Intacct Faces a Challenge

Intacct is a provider of cloud-based enterprise resource management (ERP) software. More than 11,000 businesses currently rely on Intacct’s solutions to integrate management and financial reports across their enterprises. But despite their strong existing customer base, Intacct struggled to maintain a consistent volume of leads to build a new customer funnel.

The volatile swings of their lead volume lead to problems across the board in how they managed nurturing and sales. They needed a consistent driver of leads and that’s when Intacct came to TechnologyAdvice.

Our Mission Delivers

At TechnologyAdvice, our mission is to help buyers make well-informed decisions about software. After all, there are a plethora (and growing) of options out there for just about any type of solution. It can be difficult to cut through jargon-filled features lists and multiple websites, which is why we try to make information accessible and approachable.

Because of that mission, plenty of customers in need of software come to TechnologyAdvice in search of information. And through our blogs, website, and product listings, they begin to segment themselves. That makes it possible for us to authentically connect customers with the service providers that they’ll truly be satisfied with. And when that happens, both sides win.

We think Wulf said it best, “Of all the other providers I work with, TechnologyAdvice is the only one I feel truly wants to align their programs with our goals. They’re looking to help us with business outcomes, not just lead gen.

Curious to find out what happened when Intacct partnered with TechnologyAdvice to solve their lead volume problem and maximize connections with authentically interested customers? You can preview the study below or click here to download.


Do you have a lead challenge? Get in touch with TechnologyAdvice to learn how we can deliver qualified, primed prospects in innovative ways.

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