July 24, 2017

Conference Preview: LeadsCon’s Connect to Convert – August 21-23, 2017

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Sometimes the best way to push your work forward is to take a break from it. And instead, spend a little time reflecting and learning. LeadsCon Connect to Convert is the premiere educational conference for the lead generation industry. And this bi-annual industry favorite is coming to New York from August 21 – 23, 2017.

Attendees to LeadsCon’s Connect to Convert can expect sessions focused on both B2B and B2C learnings for improving calls, clicks, search, and shares.

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Industry Expertise

While there is much to learn at LeadsCon’s Connect to Convert for anyone in an acquisition-focused role (the site mentions benefits for those in demand generation, performance marketing, affiliate marketing, advertising, content marketing, social media, database, and analytics, to name a few) one of the reasons to like LeadsCon is that they keep their content pretty industry-specific so it remains of the utmost relevance.

LeadsCon’s Connect to Convert will focus on the insurance, finance, for-profit education, home services, automotive, and healthcare verticals.

A True Learning Experience

One thing we appreciate about the LeadsCon line-up this year is their focus on the conference as an educational, versus primarily promotional experience (as some conferences tend to be). They’ve also designed a B2B-specific curriculum, which focuses on hands-on workshop learning over large sessions. Attendees at Connect to Convert can expect to leave with tactical roadmaps that can be implemented immediately.

The Chance to Compete

At the Startup Innovation Spotlight, five startups in lead generation and related fields will have the chance to present their ideas before a live audience and panel of expert judges. The most promising and innovative idea will win a $25,000 prize to help grow their business. LeadsCon and their partner for this portion of the conference, LendingTree, are still taking submissions. So if you’re new to the space, be sure to enter for this game-changing opportunity.


6 Sessions to Get Excited About

The LeadsCon New York agenda is jam-packed with interesting keynote sessions, breakouts, and workshops for a variety of industry-related tracks. Here are a few that are particularly promising.

On Monday

Content MasterClass: Everything You Need to Know about Phrasing Copy, Framing Offers, and Fighting for Eyeballs

Presented by Nancy Harhut, Chief Creative Officer, Nancy Harhut & Assoc.

Boost your persuasive vocabulary, learn the brain science behind messages that convert, learn how to phrase tricky components like pricing or industry jargon, and so much more. This session is highly-actionable and addresses a skill we’d all like to be better at.

The Neuroscience of Decision-Making

Presented by Carmen Simon, Cognitive Neuroscientist, Memzy

Lead acquisition and conversion when it comes down to it, is all about understanding the human brain and what motivates or blocks people from taking action. In this session, you’ll learn how to access the neural pathways to emotion and connect messaging to emotion to create the habits you want customers to have.

On Tuesday

How to Keep Your Funnel Full With Predictive Intelligence

Presented by Amanda Kahlow, Founder and CSO, 6Sense

What if you knew what products consumers wanted to buy at what price and in what quantity before they knew it? That’s the power of predictive intelligence. Learn how to use predictive technology to get and convert more leads.

The Reinvented Call Center: How Culture Boosts Tenure and Performance

Presented by Naomi Barbeau, Executive VP Call Center, Digital Media Solutions

Call centers have been increasingly difficult to manage to best practices as consumers are becoming more wary of poorly trained or executed solicitations. Find out how to “reinvent” your call center to improve performance and motivation, as well as what metrics you should be measuring to evaluate progress.

On Wednesday

The One Weird Trick to Closing Leads

Presented by Zac Carman, CEO, Consumer Affairs and Stacy Kashy, Marketing Consultant, Endurance Warranty Services

Today’s consumers consult up to 15 sources for reviews before reaching out about a product or service. We trust our peers. So what are people saying about you? This session will help you learn how to get and optimize the social proof your buyers want.

Making “Junk” Traffic Count

Presented by Josh Kopac, Strategic Sales Partner, Advolution

What can you do with all you “junk” traffic that takes advantage of those leads, without violating any regulations or damaging your brand integrity? In this session, you’ll review the standards and find out how to make the most of “junk” traffic.

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