April 3, 2017

B2B Nation: Rob Jeppsen talks Enterprise Sales at Revenue Summit

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In this special Revenue Summit episode of B2BNation, we spoke with Rob Jeppsen, founder of XVoyant, a SaaS company that helps sales companies with coaching. XVoyant turns CRM sales data to actionable coaching insights for teams.

We spoke with Rob about how selling to the enterprise is different from selling to SMB markets and specific changes your team can implement to more effectively pursue enterprise accounts via ABM.

Below are a few highlights from the conversation:

Enterprise is Much Different than SMB Sales

“A lot of organizations are born in SMB, and then they see that Enterprise goal and want to go after it. What these companies don’t understand is that enterprise is a totally different beast. This starts from how you connect and continues to how you get a deal done. If you don’t understand how to make those changes, you can go from a really successful SMB company to one that tanks.”

How to Connect at the Enterprise Level

“At the SMB level, you can get away with dialing for dollars, but ABM is especially applicable at the enterprise level. There are usually 6-8 people on a decision committee at the enterprise, and you better know who they are and get those contacts correct. If you don’t have enough network, ingenuity, or work ethic to find a way to connect to an enterprise buyer, you don’t have the network, ingenuity, or work ethic to sell to them.

“Sales leaders too often are managing the sales process rather than leading it. A sales leader needs to help produce skills and people, not revenue. The sales reps will produce revenue, but I [as a sales leader] can help them connect to the right people and connect faster.

“ROI is a stupid tactic in the enterprise. You want to dollarize the value of the problem you’re trying to solve or the result, not your product. You need to understand not just the problem, but why it matters. If the number is large, then you can talk about the product. If the number is small, you need to find the real reason they’re talking to you. Those large numbers give you negotiating power and time. Learn how to speak the language of value, otherwise the enterprise won’t want to talk to you.”

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To learn more, connect with Rob and his team at Xvoyant.com.

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