March 23, 2017

Nadjya Ghausi: The Future of Customer Interactions Through Presentations

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On this week’s episode of B2B Nation, we talked to Nadjya Ghausi, the head of marketing at Prezi. During our conversation, we covered:

  • Challenges that presenters deal with to make engaging presentations
  • How to create an experience that the audience will remember
  • How looking at the presentation lifecycle can improve your customer interactions and ultimately your presentations.

Below are a few highlights from the interview. 

Challenges for Making Presentations

“A lot of traditional presentation formats are static, fixed, and lack contextual awareness. The audiences are also changing a lot. Prospects have already done a lot of research before they reach salespeople. A non-static presentation allows salespeople to adapt to the needs of the audience more quickly.

“From a presenter’s standpoint, a Presi goes with the speaker’s natural flow and allows for more mastery of content, and a more impactful delivery of the presentation.

The presentations of the future will have:

  • A [stronger] focus on collaboration
  • Meaningful communication
  • Personalized customer interactions
  • Storytelling and memorability
  • Visual communication to stand out and keep people’s attention.

Creating a Memorable Experience 

“When we think about what makes a successful marketer or sales exec, it’s not about technology, but about skills to be effective, which include conversational presenting. This involves adaptable and flexible presentations that adapt to the ways your audience wants to consume content.

“76 percent of people don’t know how to effectively connect ideas, but they really want to learn. The need is for presenters to better connect ideas and provide context around their ideas. When presentations are done in a conversational format, the presentations are proven to be 43 percent more effective than linear formats. This drives certain behaviors:

  • Engaging the audience
  • Being remembered by the audience
  • Connecting the ideas through context and space

The Presentation Lifecycle

“A linear format can cause customers to tune out, because they know what’s coming, or they think they do, anyway. You need presentations to come alive at the moment.”

The lifecycle of a presentation should include three pieces:

  1. Create: plan out the context and how all of your pieces relate
  2. Deliver: present the information in an engaging manner
  3. Analyze: know what the audience was interested in so you can improve the current presentation and move future conversations forward

“Understanding this lifecycle and using it to define how to make better presentations will ultimately help you build better relationships with your audience.”

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To learn more, check out the Prezi e-book, The 2017 Trends and Tech Guide for B2B Sales & Marketing

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