September 20, 2016

5 Sessions You Can’t Miss at the 2016 CEB Sales and Marketing Summit

Written by
Aleks Peterson

Marketing and sales are two sides of the same coin. Marketing is the set-up. Without excellent marketing, there will be no one lining up to hear your final pitch. Sales is the closer — the heavy hitter who ensures all of marketing’s work ends in a conversion.

In any successful company, the two departments need to work hand-in-hand, but often sales and marketing are siloed. Bringing the two sides together in one space is just one of the reasons why we love the CEB Sales and Marketing Summit, a conference that bridges the divide between sales and marketing in three masterful days of professional development and networking.

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This year, the CEB Sales and Marketing Summit will take place from October 18-20 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hosted by CEB, the summit is designed to help B2B marketing and sales executives stay keen and ahead of the game in a changing consumer landscape. More than 1,200 marketing and sales leaders from healthcare, technology, media, and every vertical in between will be in attendance. The CEB Sales and Marketing Summit is not-to-miss for any executive in these fields.

Here are the top few sessions we think will be the biggest draw:

Align Your Sales & Marketing Teams into a Single Force for Growth

Andrea Austin, VP of Enterprise Sales at InsideView

Joe Andrews, VP of Product and Solutions Marketing at InsideView

So you got your two departments to the CEB Sales and Marketing Summit. Now it’s time to get them aligned. In this session, attendees will learn actionable insights that can improve communication, culture, and process between sales and marketing and why that alignment matters.

An Introduction to the Challenger Commercial Organization

Ann Winstead, Executive Advisor with CEB’s Leadership Council

The customer journey is vastly different now than it was two years ago, and it’s continuing to evolve at a rapid pace. Winstead will talk about companies that are winning in this landscape by challenging the status quo with intelligent data at their fingertips.  

Customers and Their “Jobs” To Be Done

Bob Moesta, President of the Re-wired Group

When an organization’s product offerings come up short in their potential customers’ eyes, it’s not because the buyer didn’t understand the product; it’s because the seller didn’t understand the “job” the buyer was trying to do. This session will focus on identifying and responding to customer needs with the Jobs to Be Done methodology that puts customer perspectives at the center of the selling process.

“Disrupting” Customers’ Thinking at Hilton

Patrick Spenner, Strategic Initiatives Leader in CEB’s Marketing practice

Brian Waters, Senior Director of B2B Marketing at Hilton Worldwide

With so many product offerings out there, how do you attract your customer’s focus early on in the buying journey? This session will use Hilton’s real world struggles and success to teach attendees how to create disruptive marketing content that changes customer mindsets.

Digital Transformation in Sales: The Gap Between Strategy and Execution

Stephanie Dart, Director of Product Marketing for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Technology is at the forefront of how consumers want to shop, which means successful sellers need to sit in the driver’s seat for new technology adoption. In this session, attendees will learn about the Digital Transformation Curve in implementing new technology and how to navigate it for deeper insight and engagement.  

* * *

In sessions big and small, there are plenty of learning opportunities to anticipate at the CEB Sales and Marketing Summit. Don’t miss out on your chance learn, network, and maybe even golf, with some of the best leaders in B2B sales and marketing. Register here before it’s too late.


Cover image: McGregor, Allen. “The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.” Flickr.