October 18, 2016

5 Sessions to Attend at Inside Sales World 2016

Written by
Aleks Peterson

There are a lot of reasons to visit The Emerald Isle—excellent pub food, locally-brewed beer, fascinating historical sites, the coast and the country—and come next month, there will be one more: the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) is hosting Inside Sales World 2016 in Dublin, Ireland on November 15.

In addition to a full day of sessions facilitated by the most recognized leaders in inside sales, Inside Sales World offers two optional pre-conference workshops on November 14 for those looking for a little extra professional development (or a little more time in Dublin). The options for pre-conference learning are a workshop on starting and growing an inside sales team — which will cover everything from team structure to job descriptions and coaching — and a workshop on implementing social and digital selling tools.

Whether you’re interested in coming for the pre-conference or just for the day of Inside Sales World itself, it’s sure to be an excellent weekend to get reenergized for your sales goals in 2017.

Here are the sessions we’re most looking forward to:


  • Ken Krogue, Founder, President, of InsideSales.com

Backed by more than a quarter of a decade of sales experience, Krogue will share his top strategies for working leads and creating offers that convert. Ken will also discuss reporting methods and what skills to look for in your employees.

Social Selling and the Need for Alignment and Smart Messaging

Inside sales and marketing teams can no longer be siloed departments on different floors of an office building. The two teams need to be united to meet the needs of prospects and customers, and social selling is a perfect example. A successful social selling plan includes campaign alignment, content marketing strategy, and the right messaging. In this session, Laura Nuhaan will walk through an actionable nine-step social selling model that you can put to work right away.

“Reboarding” Your Millennial Sales Force

The best onboarding plans don’t end after a new team member has spent six months on your team; they make continuous training part of every employee’s schedule. This is particularly important with the millennial demographic that represents the future of your company. Patrick Gunn calls this ongoing training “reboarding.” In this session, he’ll discuss data-driven methods for keeping a millennial sales force engaged and productive.

Inside Sales Top Challenges Panel Discussion

Each year, AA-ISP collects reports from organizations in various industries about what challenges their inside sales teams are facing. This year’s list of challenges will be dissected and discussed, and top leaders will present solutions. It’s worth a visit to see if your most recent challenge, or something similar, is a common issue for other sales teams.  

Inside a Multichannel Engagement World

Conor Shaw’s keynote speech will kick-off Inside Sales World 2016 with a lively discussion about the future of inside sales in a world where customers don’t just want to be called; they also want to be emailed, Tweeted, DM’ed, texted, and so on. In fact, many buyers expect this kind of multichannel engagement and prefer it over traditional phone calls.


During and after Inside Sales World’s day of thought-provoking sessions, there will be plenty of opportunities to network with professionals from across the globe over a pint of smooth stout. What are you waiting for? Register for Inside Sales World 2016. Use promo code “JoinUs@ISW” to save 20 percent at checkout.