August 24, 2021

Why You Need Language Analytics in Your Marketing Strategy

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Today’s technology vendors talk a lot about agility, and few teams need to be more agile than the B2B marketers trying to sell emerging technologies. Take, for example, Relative Insight, a language analysis vendor that started out helping protect children online.

Today, Relative Insight’s technology is used by marketing and other departments to help analyze data generated most often by martech applications. As the company and its technology have matured, so too have the demand gen tactics and go-to-marketing messaging it uses.

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In this episode of B2B Nation, we talk to James Cuthbertson, CRO at Relative Insight, about how the killer application, target market, messaging, and demand generation plans of the company continue to evolve in this emerging space.

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Episode Guide

1:46: How businesses (and marketers) are using language analysis tools.
3:11: Why saving time is not the killer application of language analysis.
4:49: What does the buying process look like for Relative Insight’s prospects?
7:01: The importance of setting up your customer for post-sale success.
8:05: How does demand gen change as a business narrows down its audience?
9:30: How does marketing change for emerging technologies when compared to established tech?
11:11: Where buyers and sellers get frustrated with today’s B2B process.
14:26: Where will language analysis be a year from now?
15:54: Is differentiation more challenging with emerging technologies?
16:39: What is James’ favorite tool?


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