November 22, 2013

Video Walkthrough – SpiderOak

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For many enterprises, security is the number one concern with cloud storage. SpiderOak is a cloud storage provider that puts a premium on security and privacy. SpiderOak uses a multi-level security system that encrypts files during transmission and keeps them encrypted online as well. The security system is safe to the point that even someone with physical access to the servers will not be able to access the information. To get an in-depth look at SpiderOak’s features and interface check out our video review below.

Here’s a quick recap:
SpiderOak is a ZeroKnowledge storage service which guarantees the utmost security. It provides automatic backup which is great for businesses and forgetful users. Another great feature is the shared folder called Spider Oak Hive. A drawback however, is that the initial setup can be confusing. To learn even more about SpiderOak, check out our Product Page. To take it a step further, compare SpiderOak with dozens of other cloud storage options using our Smart Advisor Tool.

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