March 29, 2022

How Customer Advocacy is Evolving in B2B Marketing

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Online storytelling has evolved significantly since the early days of the Internet. Written documents and web pages continue to give way to social snippets, audio content, and video. But for many B2B software vendors, their customer stories haven’t kept up.

In this episode of B2B Nation, we talk to Michael Sciano, Sr. Customer Marketing Manager at Airship, about how customer marketing is evolving from formulaic PDF case studies to a customer advocacy strategy that creates fans and eventually a community around your product.

We’ll also discuss why customers rarely take advantage of most of the features in the software they purchase, what new forms of customer marketing vendors are using, and what engagement with customer stories looks like as it evolves.

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Episode Guide

2:43: The importance of customer marketing in the B2B space.
5:08: Myths around B2B customer advocacy.
8:32: What does engagement look like with customer marketing programs?
10:20: How Michael’s background in education fuels his work
13:43: How do you move your customers beyond the 10% of critical features?
18:08: Why it’s important to know your customer’s tech stack.
19:00: What replaces the traditional case study format?
22:32: What is Michael’s favorite tool?