April 11, 2023

Why Don’t We Treat Talent Acquisition More Like Customer Acquisition?

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The modern marketing and sales organization often integrates several platforms to deliver a comprehensive view of prospects and customers.

But when it comes to recruiting talent, the systems are often years behind what’s available to marketing and sales. Recruiters, for example, often can’t target potential employees the way their colleagues in marketing can target potential customers.

Add all of this up, and it means pain points for recruiters and hiring managers.

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On this episode of the B2B Nation podcast, we’re talking to Sam Kuenhle, VP of Marketing at Loxo. We’re going to talk about a different approach to recruiting and hiring talent, his team’s challenges and goals, and the difference between content that matters versus content that converts.

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Episode Guide

2:28: Sam explains Loxo’s approach to HR tech.
6:41: What are the challenges Sam and his team face at Loxo?
10:18: Creating content that matters vs. content that converts.
14:27: The impotence of messaging around customer needs.
16:23: Sam shares some of the goals he and his team are working on in 2023.
18:39: What is Sam’s favorite tool?

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