August 15, 2016

Top Sessions for Marketers at Oracle OpenWorld 2016

Written by
Aleks Peterson

Unlike many conferences and trade shows that spring up one year and disappear the next, Oracle OpenWorld has been painting San Francisco red for nearly two decades. Those who have attended the conference know to expect networking, new product announcements, and plenty of sessions to help attendees use Oracle’s most cutting edge technology to their advantage. If that’s not enough, you’ll also get to see Billy Joel perform. 

Don’t be fooled; Oracle OpenWorld is not just for technologists who spend their days neck-deep in a database. Oracle OpenWorld is about business as much as it’s about technology.

Marketers attending Oracle OpenWorld 2016 can take advantage of an entire curriculum of sessions targeted toward their specific challenges and objectives. The conference, which runs from September 18 – 22 in San Francisco, features four customer experience (CX) tracks, and the marketing version promises to push beyond impressions and clickthroughs to show attendees “what it truly means to be a modern marketer.”

Here are the sessions our marketing team is most looking forward to:

GE’s Digital Path the the Cloud

Featuring John Barcus from Oracle and Sarah Alper from GE

We can all agree that GE is dominating the digital marketing game. This session will explore how GE uses Oracle’s ERP Cloud to be more responsive to their customers by taking IT environment management off of their plate. It’s sure to be an excellent, real-life lesson on how a successful company puts Oracle to work.

Agile Marketing: How to Compete on Customer Experience

Featuring Roland Smart, VP of Social and Community Marketing at Oracle

As the world becomes more “connected,” customers have more freedom to choose where to expend their purchasing power. What sets the best companies apart from the pack is often customer experience. This session will demonstrate how to modernize marketing practices to integrate more closely with product management and make customer experience a priority.

B2B Kickoff: The Rise of Adaptive Marketing

Featuring David Johnson, Director of Product Marketing at Oracle

Speaking of customer experience, an important distinction between a good CX and great CX is personalization. Your marketing messages should remain fluid — always relevant, no matter where a customer’s devices or choices take them. This discussion will focus on how marketers can use a new Oracle feature, Account-Based Marketing, to avoid fragmented customer experiences and increase personalization.

Driving Digital Transformation at Lexus 

Featuring Cathy Gribble, Director of Digital Strategy and Analytics at Team One

Real-world case studies often create the best learning experiences at big conferences like Oracle OpenWorld. During this session, attendees will learn how Lexus is using Oracle BlueKai Data Management to augment and improve their digital marketing efforts and increase conversion rates.

Extreme Marketing Automation: How to use Oracle Eloqua to Achieve Amazing Results

Featuring Kurt Stoll of Symantec

Why does one lead convert when another doesn’t? Understanding what drives customers to take action during your marketing automation flow is one of the biggest questions marketers have. After all, the answer will inevitably guide you to better conversions and a bigger customer base. This session will investigate how Oracle Eloqua’s custom objects can be used to answer that question and increase the quality and conversion of your leads.

Implement an Effective Content Strategy that will Drive Bottom-Line Results

Featuring Andrea Rosi from Oracle

Every marketer wants to know how to get content right. But a shockingly large number of marketers report they are creating content without a strategy in mind. This session will help change that by teaching attendees how to build and execute a content strategy that will increase customer acquisition.


These are just a few of the excellent sessions marketers can look forward to at Oracle OpenWorld 2016. If you haven’t yet registered, you can do so here with a price discount valid until September 16. Follow @oracleopenworld on Twitter for conference news and updates.