June 18, 2015

Product Spotlight: Terminus B2B Advertising

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In this week’s product spotlight video, Terminus’ Co-Founder and CMO, Sangram Vajre, speaks with Technology Analyst Eric Perry. Terminus is a B2B marketing automation platform focused on account based marketing.  

When asked about what separates Terminus from other marketing automation platforms, Vajre explained that Terminus is not an agency. They are a product company that gives their customers full control of their advertising budgets and who they are targeting.  

Vajre said that Terminus is looking for sophisticated marketers as their clientele. Terminus is in the revenue market rather than the lead generation market. He explained that Terminus is targeted at companies getting into marketing automation, or are already in marketing automation.

Regarding best practices for their platform, Vajre says after a large event, instead of moving on to the next project, run a full account based campaign so you can create a halo effect around those companies you want to target, so you can get your foot in the door.

Vajre went on to add:

Advertising…in B2B it has never been leveraged, because it was only targeting one person, and in B2B you need to target many many people that are working on the account. So what excites me every day is the possibility of taking a page out of B2C and doing a very targeted kind of campaign.  We can also focus on B2B which is the entire account, the entire set of influences in that company to drive revenue for your customers.”

Vajre continued to talk about Terminus’ target audience, pricing, and some limitations they are working on solving.

Below are a few excerpts from the remainder of the conversation:

TechnologyAdvice: How did Terminus become Terminus?

Vajre:  “Originally I was a CMO at Pardot. Over the last couple of years we went through the acquisition of ExactTarget and then through Salesforce, a very humbling experience. The Co-Founder of Terminus is also the Co-founder of Pardot David Cummings and the company started a year ago with Eric Spett who is not the CEO of the company. The whole idea was, let’s find the next level, the next big thing for B to B marketers. We’ve already done lead based marketing, so what is it that they will crave for? So Eric Spett, who is the CEO, and David Cummings all came up with the idea of focusing on the accounts.  And here we are helping companies do account based marketing upscale.

TA: Speaking of those targets, who are you targeting?  What is your sweet spot for a customer?

Vajre:  “We are targeting sophisticated marketers.There are tons of marketers who are literally getting into marketing automation right now or have been there for a while. And they really want to increase their revenue. It’s no longer about lead generation, it’s more for revenue generation. So, any sophisticated marketing company who really looks at marketing to drive revenue for the organization, we feel that’s our sweet spot.

TA: With that target in mind, what does your pricing model look like?  

Vajre:  “We have a very simple pricing model. We do not charge anything on media spend. So it’s really a platform fee. It starts at $1,000 a month and goes up from there.”  

TA: What kind of limitation are you working on solving at this time?

Vajre: “We are working on a very cool feature. We are calling it Account Score. Most people know about lead score, and we know in B2B there are more than one person in the decision making. What we are working on is how many people in that company is engaging, so it will turn into an account score.  That account score is going to be pushed directly into your CRMs so you can really start prioritizing your accounts and focus on your accounts.

To find out more about Terminus’ capabilities or to receive a personalized product recommendation, check out the product selection tool at TechnologyAdvice.com.


To find out more about Terminus capabilities or to receive a personalized product recommendation, check out the product selection tool at TechnologyAdvice.com.