March 10, 2014

TechnologyAdvice Video Reviews: Gamification Loyalty Programs

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Developing loyalty is difficult. Loyalty is more than convincing people to trust your company; building loyalty involves persuading people to trust your company with every problem they have in your area of expertise. Each of the three cloud-based platforms below specialize in developing loyalty, either with customers or with employees.


Mplifyr is a cloud-based application that empowers businesses to build and track loyalty campaigns. More than a business by business gamification platform, aMplifyr is actually a network on which businesses create profiles. This network aspect is especially relevant in terms of points, which consumers can redeem at any business in the network.

Learn About How aMplifyr Works:


Based in Portugal, Mobitto includes both consumer-facing and business-facing functionality in their mobile platform. This gamification platform’s main offering lies in its loyalty service, which offers businesses an in-depth analytics feature capable of segmenting data based on dates, engagement metrics, and consumer characteristics.

Take a Tour of Mobitto:


Specializing in employee engagement, OfficeVibe utilizes five principles to create good office vibes and help companies create an environment conducive to employee happiness. OfficeVibe’s “Big 5” include wellness, productivity, social, environment, and generosity, which are represented in weekly challenges that employees gain points for completing. These challenges can range from recommending a good place to eat to a fellow employee to eating a healthy breakfast.

Discover How OfficeVibe Engages Employees:

These are just a few of the options available for companies looking to implement their own program.

If you’re searching for a loyalty program for your business, check out the product selection tool, and see which companies best align with your business goals.
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