March 1, 2014

TechnologyAdvice Video Reviews: Week of February 24, 2014

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Motivating employees is one of gamification’s primary functions and has quickly become a high priority for businesses. This renewed focus makes sense, because properly encouraging and rewarding employees can lead to an increase in productivity and help create a more enjoyable business culture.  This week we examine two employee-facing gamification platforms that specialize in inspiring and encouraging employees.

First up: Wooboard

Wooboard functions as a company-wide social media platform that allows employees to create a profile, write a bio, and send special “Woos” – all of which unlock badges. Employees can also award badges to each other and rank on leaderboards based on their amount of Wooboard engagement. Due to the depth of this program, it’s best implemented in small and medium sized businesses.

Learn more in this walkthrough video:


Next: BizPart Engage

BizPart Engage motivates employees to complete training modules during the onboarding process and beyond. One of the most robust cloud-based gamification platforms on the market, BizPart Engage awards users points for completing courses. These points can later be redeemed for prizes.

Watch a guided tour of BizPart Engage:


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