November 11, 2013

Solutions for Motivating Your Sales Team Using Gamification

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It doesn’t take long to find studies showing how many workers today are uninterested and disengaged in their daily tasks. A lack of interest within your sales team, specifically, can lead to a waste of resources coupled with a lack of revenue. Adding a gamification platform to your sales force can greatly enhance the engagement and motivation of those employees. This type of system essentially identifies and incentivizes productive actions, while simultaneously creating a friendly competition amongst your employees. If this sounds like something that can help you, you’ll be happy to know that you won’t have to create your own gamification system from scratch. There are several different solutions that exist, and they range from extremely customizable (and expensive) to more straightforward and out-of-the-box (also, less expensive!). Here’s a list of a few products that exist today for the sole purpose of motivating a sales team. We’ve indicated in parentheses what their pricing looks like relative to each other.

Level Eleven (Cost: Low End)
‘Compete’ by LevelEleven is a gamification platform that is geared specifically towards enterprises and syncs directly with Compete focuses on motivating sales teams to make more calls, schedule appointments and ultimately, make more sales. A great aspect of LevelEleven is the highly functional customization options. In fact, any sales parameter that can be tracked in Salesforce can be turned into a competitive aspect of the game. For more product details including pricing, click here.

Hoopla (Cost: Low End)
Hoopla is another low-cost gamification option that aims to enhance motivation through incentive and communication. Like LevelEleven, Hoopla can sync directly with Hoopla helps businesses to use their CRM software more effectively. Hoopla’s data analytics allow companies to evaluate which behaviors consistently lead to sales. From there, Hoopla helps to motivate employees to perform those behaviors. For more product details including pricing, click here.

Fantasy Sales Team (Cost: Mid Range)
Fantasy Sales Team is an option that uses the dynamics of online fantasy sports to create workplace competition, and motivate actions that lead to performance. It is available through SaaS and can be easily integrated with virtually any existing CRM. A great feature of Fantasy Sales Team is that it allows the user to define custom sales metrics, quotas, and prizes. Click here for more details, including pricing.

GamEffective (Cost: Mid Range)
GamEffective is a high-end gamification platform that can yield big results for sales teams. It was created specifically to motivate employees in sales, operations, and customer service. The biggest benefit of GamEffective is customization. Not only is it scalable based on your enterprise’s needs but all the applications have customizable metrics, activities, challenges and game themes. Click here to see more details.

Badgeville (Cost: High End)
Although Badgeville may be best known for adding gamification to customer interaction, they also have applications for employee engagement. Badgeville’s sales productivity platform aims to stop wasted money and lost revenue that comes from poor CRM adoption. The Badgeville platform allows leaders to create a more engaging user experience on top of their existing sales applications. Badgeville is a high-end enterprise solution and is available through licensing and use-based pricing models. Click here for some more details on Badgeville.

Bunchball (Cost: High End)
Like Badgeville, Bunchball offers a wide range of gamification solutions that includes a sales force option. Nitro for Salesforce is a gamification platform that aims to create a better customer experience through increasing employee motivation and fulfillment. Similar to other products mentioned, it integrates with Salesforce and encourages employee adoption. Click here for more product details on Bunchball.

The products mentioned in this article are only a small part of the vast gamification marketplace. Every enterprise is different, so before making a decision, it is important to do your research and compare as many companies as possible. Our site’s product selection tool lets you compare over 90 gamification companies in less than two minutes. A few simple questions will put you one step closer to a motivated and successful sales team!