May 24, 2016

#SmarketingWeekly: Influencer Marketing, Sales Emails, The “Feed Mindset,” & More

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It’s time for the newest edition of #SmarketingWeekly, TechnologyAdvice’s once-per-week roundup of the best sales/marketing content you might have otherwise missed. Check out earlier editions here.

With a brief synopsis and direct link for each article, #SmarketingWeekly is the perfect way to catch up on the latest news, research, and opinions, whether you have a minute or an hour. 

This week’s edition includes stories on how to close a deal, tools for improving your webinars and webinar marketing, shifting business models, the consumer “feed” mindset, the rise of influencers, and much more. 

VentureBeat: The Creator of WordPress On Why .blog Was Worth $19 Million

VentureBeat’s Harrison Weber interviewed WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg about why Automattic spent $19 million last year for rights to the “.blog” domain and why they kept the purchase quiet. Mullenweg feels Automattic “can do a lot better than everyone else” managing the new domain, which they plan to make available by the end of 2016.

Social Media Examiner: Snapchat and Podcasting Growth: What the Research Reveals

Snapchat and podcasts are growing at a breakneck pace, but you might not be aware of how quickly and to what level these relatively new mediums have penetrated the greater cultural psyche. Michael Stelzner, founder and CEO of Social Media Examiner sat down with Tom Webster to discuss the results of the 2016 Infinite Dial, a long-running study on Americans’ digital habits, behaviors, and consumption. This year’s study focuses on Snapchat and podcasting adoption. Stelzner and Webster explain why your business should embrace these two mediums for outreach. Click the link to read the article, or listen to the podcast below. 

AdWeek: Twitter Says Users Now Trust Influencers Nearly as Much as Their Friends

We can’t decide whether this news is sad, exciting, or possibly both. In a new survey from Twitter and analytics firm Annalect, 40 percent of respondents reported buying an item online after seeing it used by an “influencer” on Instagram, Twitter, Vine, or YouTube. Marty Swant interviewed Twitter’s VP of Market Research and Insights Jeffery Graham, who talked about the survey results, what this means for brands, and how you can tap into what he calls “an ROI machine.”

Mobile Marketer: 5 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing Has Emerged as Today’s Go-To Strategy

As the survey above revealed, influencers and influencer marketing are growing in importance for marketing. Stacy DeBroff, founder and CEO of Influence Central, talks about why influencers are so . . . well, influential. Citing her company’s research on female consumers, millennials, and other groups, DeBroff explains how authenticity and multiplicity have “[set] the stage for influencer marketing to become today’s go-to strategy.” While she’s certainly not an unbiased observer, that doesn’t change the data (or the fact that she’s right). 

Act-On: 3 Reasons Why Your Webinars Suck

According to McKenzie Ingram, marketing journalist for Act-On, “Successful webinars are a great way to generate leads, build trust, respect, and brand awareness, and collaborate with other organizations and thought leaders.” But despite all these positives, webinars frequently disappoint. If your attendees aren’t happy, how will they become good leads? If you’ve struggled with building a webinar strategy, Ingram offers three focus areas for you to improve. “Remember,” she says, “. . . it’s all about the audience.”

CMI: Ultimate Planning Checklist for Successful Webinars


After you figure out why your webinars suck, you can use this planning checklist from Mike Agron to make sure your next effort doesn’t. Agron provides top-line objectives and tasks that take you from pre-production planning through post-production reporting, distribution, and promotion. Paired with the previous article above, this one should help you get started and succeed with your webinar marketing strategy. 

HubSpot: Do Your Sales Emails Suck?

According to Emma Brudner, HubSpot staff writer, your buyers’ inboxes are clogged with “spammy, pushy, hard-charging” sales emails. To make sure your messages aren’t ignored along with the rest of the noise, Mike Pici, head of sales at HubSpot, put together this SlideShare with tips and templates to help you write better emails. How to Close a Deal: Ask Early, Ask Often, and Embrace the No

Steli Efti knows a few things about closing deals. As a CEO of sales software firm and owner of over five different businesses in his life, he’s closed a fair amount — and lost a few as well. If you find yourself “waiting for the perfect moment,” afraid to hear that one-syllable word that can strike fear in the heart of salespeople everywhere (“No”), you need to change your mindset. According to Efti, “The first ‘no’ is your friend,” and you should “make ‘no’ a part of the process.” This article is a must-read for any salesperson or aspiring entrepreneur. 

Neuroscience Marketing: Confused Customers Cut Conversions

Of course, if you confuse your customers, you may not even get to the first no. Roger Dooley, author and marketing consultant, offers five steps for eliminating confusion from your sales efforts. Though the article is geared toward reducing friction and confusion for e-commerce, the points he makes are applicable to any business model. 

Recode: The Feed Mindset

Consumer “content ADD” paired with the veritable explosion of web content means “the battle for consumer attention is unparalleled in intensity,” writes Patrick Keane, president of Sharethrough. If brands want to cut through the noise, they must realize that the marketing and advertising universe has shifted. “10 seconds is the new 30,” Keane writes, and those firms that can do more with less are poised to separate themselves from the pack and monetize the “feed mindset.” 

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