May 4, 2021

SEO Growth Strategies with Eli Schwartz

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In this episode of B2B Nation, we talk with Eli Schwartz, a growth advisor, SEO expert and author of the best-selling book Product-Led SEO, about his approach to search engine optimization and digital marketing.

The concept of product-led SEO is a significant departure from a lot of the books and advice focused on organic marketing. Unlike content-led SEO, which focuses on keyphrases and content creation, product-led SEO begins with the idea of the product and experience your business wants to offer to its customers.

Eli says if there’s one thing he wants marketers to learn from his book, it’s that SEO needs to be treated like any other marketing channel. It should be judged by its return on investment. And if the effort your organization puts into SEO isn’t leading to an increase in sales, then it’s not a tactic worthy of your resources.

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Episode Guide

2:19: What is product-led SEO?
7:00: The importance of brand SEO
7:53: SEO is a marketing channel
9:42: SEO funnel awareness and optimization
13:02: Overlooked and overvalued SEO practices
14:54: The lost art of linking
17:05: More on brand SEO
18:41: What is the biggest message of Product-Led SEO?
21:38: Tools for tracking your organic channel
22:53: Thoughts on Google’s Page Experience Update
28:16: How would this conversation sound if we had it one year from now?
32:57: What is Eli’s favorite tool that he can’t work without?
37:30: Why SEO advice needs to evolve

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