July 29, 2015

Quiz: Does Your Marketing Department Make it Rain?

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If you’re a marketing specialist, you probably have a lot of great brand-related ideas — like how to attract more visitors, build awareness and loyalty, and strengthen your social presence.  

All of which is helpful, but hard to measure from a business standpoint. What’s the value of “awareness,” unless the aware people become customers? What is the value of loyalty, unless it drives repeat business and referrals?

In B2B marketing, especially, CMOs are held accountable to many of the same success factors as sales. These include the number of opportunities produced each quarter, and how much revenue was brought in. You need to be able to track your campaigns down to the granular level, follow leads as they travel through the funnel, and demonstrate ROI by attributing leads to the campaigns that created them.

No wonder 75 percent of marketers have a hard time calculating return on marketing investment (ROMI). So, are you driving revenue, or is your company sinking money into campaigns that don’t work? Take our quiz to find out.