October 12, 2021

How Remote Work Changes the Way We Market Cybersecurity

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October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, which makes it a good time to reflect on how much has changed about the way we market cybersecurity tools in recent years. Today’s cybersecurity messages focus less on fear, for example, and more on business enablement.

One reason for the changes to cybersecurity marketing is the realization that we’re never going to stop all the attacks. Instead, we need to focus on rapid identification of attacks and prompt remediation. Another reason we talk differently about cybersecurity today is our new reality. With many workers, devices, and applications outside the office network, security can no longer rely on building a wall around corporate resources and keeping everything else out.

In this episode of B2B Nation, we talk to Christopher Bray, a cybersecurity sales and marketing veteran with experience working for some of the best-known brands in the security market. Today, Christopher is Chief Revenue Officer at Aura, a consumer cybersecurity vendor that changed its message once the pandemic further blurred the lines between home and office.

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Aura’s leadership found an opportunity in the remote and hybrid work environment to take its B2C cybersecurity solution into the B2B market. And rather than re-engineer its solution for enterprise users, Aura made the decision to approach corporate human resources teams about making Aura available as an employee benefit. Through this approach, organizations could help protect their employees in their online consumer lives, while simultaneously protecting the business that now runs through their home networks and devices.

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Episode Guide

2:47: How Aura developed a customer-first approach to marketing cybersecurity.
6:44: Remote work and the home office changes cybersecurity marketing.
9:00: How Aura took a B2C security product to the B2B market.
10:02: What does the B2B sales process look like at Aura?
12:00: What do you think we’ll be talking about one year from now?
15:50: What is Christopher’s favorite tool?

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