January 28, 2016

Product Spotlight: Sitecore

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In this product spotlight, Sitecore’s Mark Floisand speaks with TechnologyAdvice analyst Eric Perry. Sitecore is a customer experience management platform that helps marketers deliver the most relevant content, in context, across all channels and touch points.

What separates Sitecore from other retail platforms?

Floisand: “We’ve always been doing this. We were built from ground up to manage content and deliver it in dynamic fashion.”  Floisand describes Sitecore as a complete system that gives you one view of the customer.

Sitecore’s ideal customers are mid-sized firms to large enterprises looking to deliver great experiences to customers.  Most are managing sophisticated websites and multiple digital channels.  

A best practice for using Sitecore? Floisand says to start small and grow.

“There’s a lot of functionality in the platform. Don’t bite it all off in one go. Start with what we call ‘low hanging fruit.’ Find an opportunity to improve conversions in one place, then look for other areas to improve functionality.”

He says that they recently went live with Danone, a world food company that owns the Nutricia brand. “Through effectively having consistent engagement with customers across touch points, Nutricia has seen revenue with triple digit growth.” 

Here are a couple excerpts from the rest of the conversation:

What does pricing look like for Sitecore ?

Floisand: “Sitecore is priced by implementation size.  Customers we do business with are typically mid-sized firms going up into large global enterprises. They typically invest in the low tens of thousands up to millions depending on the size of organization. Pricing depends on the capability you’re looking to deploy.”

Does Sitecore have any limitations?

Floisand: “It’s a Sophisticated product, designed for established firms. It’s not suitable for small shops looking to spin up a quick site or blog. Sitecore is a sophisticated business marketing tool. It delivers incredible functionality across a number of channels. If you just wante a simple blog, Sitecore would be overkill.”

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