August 6, 2015

Product Spotlight: Intelligence Bank

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In this product spotlight video, Intelligence Bank’s CEO, Tessa Court, speaks with Technology Analyst Eric Perry. Court shares how Intelligence Bank helps businesses of all sizes use their Digital Asset Management platform to manage their marketing content.

When asked about what separates Intelligence Bank from other asset management platforms, Court explained that the platform is customizable out of the box:

When you’re a brand marketer you want your software and your programs, especially other people that externally are looking at, to be branded to your look and feel.”  

Court went on to say that Intelligence Bank also gives marketers the ability to create branding guideline pages to help explain what a brand means, as well as what their values are. Intelligence Bank’s ideal customers vary from small business of 5 users to large companies with thousands of users, they can start with a base model and customize usage to business needs.

Regarding best practices for their software, Court says to figure out folder, keyword, and metadata structure first. However, the platform can be changed to fit your future needs: 

“Draw a line in the sand with your assets.  Only put in, if you’re unsure, everything you have from the last couple of years. The way our platform works is that it is additive and very configurable out of the box. If life changes and you need to change your filter or your folder structure around, then that’s not a problem at all.”  

Below are a few excerpts from the remainder of the conversation:

TA: Who is the ideal customer for Intelligence Bank?

Court: One of the nice things about our software is that we can work with companies large and small. We have some very small 5 users clients. They might have 5 users, but they have to distribute their assets to distributors, and they just need order around the marketing content. We also work with some really large companies like Carlsberg, and Destination Hotels who have thousands of people accessing it.

TA: What does pricing look like for Intelligence Bank?

Court: Our pricing model is based on a cost per user, per month basis. For our Digital Asset Management (DAM) product, which is the image and media content management with metadata features. That starts at $9 per user per month. Our Brand Hub package, which has digital management workflow as well as brand guidelines pages, starts at $19 per user per month.

For both packages, once you get to over a hundred users we provide discounts. There are also discounts for purchasing annually in advance with a credit card. We can really cater to a lot of different types of companies. We have really small companies with 5-10 core users and thousands of distributors that need access, so we can also have a light user model. We can also work with large organizations who need the entire company to be able to login and access those files. It really just depends on what the client wants. We start at a base model, but the clients can really customize the platform.

TA: What’s a limitation of Intelligence Bank?

Court: One of the limitations in the way we think about our product is that there is a spectrum for digital asset management. On one hand you have operationally friendly platforms where no training is really needed, and users can just log in and use it. If they can use Facebook and Google, they can use the platform.

Then you have really production intense digital asset management, where you’ve got web-to-print, and very technical production oriented digital asset management. We are definitely on the operational friendly side of it. What our product might be lacking is that we aren’t a digital asset management platform for designers only, we are for everyone.

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