June 11, 2015

Product Spotlight: Act-On Marketing Automation Software

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In this product spotlight video, Act-On’s Director of Communications, Paige Musto, speaks with our resident Technology Analyst, Josh Bland. Musto shares helpful information about Act-On, tells how they work to help marketers succeed, and talks about what they specifically offer to their clients.

Musto explained how Act-On “is the leading provider of marketing automation for small and mid-sized businesses and departments of large enterprises.”

When asked about what separates Act-On from other marketing automation systems on the market, Musto explained how they have an open marketing ecosystem. Musto mentioned that their solution looks to “embrace and extend the best of breed solution that your company may already be using.” To that end it doesn’t look to replace the solutions you’ve already implemented but instead helps to augment the use of those systems with marketing engagement data.

Regarding best practices in the use of their software, Musto relayed that it’s important to “really clearly define your target.” Musto went on to add:

When you adopt marketing automation the first thing you really want to do is to understand who your buyer is. You probably have multiple buyers and it’s good to identify these personas and map content according to their journey.

Below are a few excerpts from the remainder of the conversation:

TA: Tell us about your ideal customer.

Musto: “Act-On’s ideal customer typically ranges from $20 – $500 Million. Departments of larger enterprises also adopt our technology. We typically sell into companies with small marketing teams which can be anything from two to 20 marketers.”

TA: How is Act-On pricing structured?

Musto: “Act-On has a tiered pricing model and starts at $600 per month with 1000 active contacts. What’s very different is that we price based on an active contact model and don’t charge you for the size of your database. You can upload 10,000,000 contacts and won’t be charged. You’re only charged for who you’re actively marketing to every month.”

TA: Are there any limitations to Act-On?

Musto: “The current limitation with any cloud or SaaS based solution is data portability. The ability to take data from your system and integrate it into a BI (business intelligence) system of choice. Act-On is actually looking to solve this problem with a new release called Data Studio (which is now live). It gives you powerful controls to visualize your data, export it on the time and frequency you choose, in the format you want, or automatically push it into your BI system of choice.”

To find out more about Act-On’s capabilities or for a personalized product recommendation, check out the product selection tool at TechnologyAdvice.com.

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