January 31, 2014

Thrive Marketing Group Rebrands B2B Tech Division as TechnologyAdvice

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Nashville, TN., January 31st, 2014Thrive Marketing Group, a leading performance marketing company, has announced the rebranding of its technology-focused B2B marketing services as TechnologyAdvice. The new brand identity reflects the company’s commitment to provide business technology buyers with the insight necessary to both improve and simplify the vendor selection process.

“Rebranding will allow us to strategically align with our target audience and better focus on our core business demand generation for technology vendors.” said Rob Bellenfant, Chief Executive Officer of TechnologyAdvice. “We’re excited for the value that the Technology Advice brand will add as we connect more technology buyers with our existing and future clients.”

TechnologyAdvice is expanding its portfolio of services to leverage a multichannel marketing strategy to meet the growing needs of its current and prospective clients. Traditional outbound programs, including teledemand and email marketing will continue at the forefront, alongside new, inbound lead generation offerings such as the product selection tool. The product selection tool allows technology buyers to easily input their specific software and hardware needs, allowing them to compare hundreds of vendors across multiple product categories in seconds.

Although a majority of the company’s services will be covered under the new brand, Thrive Marketing Group will still exist with a focus on delivering value to B2C clients and B2B clients who are not involved in the technology marketplace.

By separating the two brands, TechnologyAdvice and Thrive Marketing Group will be able to act, focus, and grow independently. TechnologyAdvice will continue to be the same group of hard-working go-getters you’ve known at Thrive, just with a different name and a more defined mission.

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