May 11, 2021

Podcast Marketing Strategies

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In this episode of B2B Nation, we talk to Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO and co-founder of Casted, about using podcasts as part of your content marketing strategy.

Podcasts are hardly a new form of content. They’ve been around since the iPod. They weathered the pandemic, which altered listening and media consumption habits. And now they’re thriving. What does this mean for B2B marketers?

If you’re considering launching a podcast for your B2B brand, or if you want to improve the podcast you’re currently creating, Lindsay has some tips for you. Our conversation covers how to create a compelling podcast for your audience, as well as how to make your show an effective part of your content marketing mix.

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Episode Guide

1:44: Lindsay’s first “podcast moment”
3:48: What explains the sudden popularity of the podcast format?
6:20: How did podcasts fare when people weren’t commuting?
7:50: What’s the state of the branded podcast world?
11:50: How do podcasts stack up against other content formats?
15:14: Dealing with objections to podcasts as a marketing tactic
20:49: What do B2B listeners want to get from podcasts?
23:00: How do you choose a host for your B2B podcast?
26:25: What is Lindsay’s favorite tool, the one she can’t work without?

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