October 5, 2021

Does Your Sales Enablement Match the Modern B2B Experience?

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Today’s B2B prospects are more informed about the solutions they’re researching than ever before. By the time they have a conversation with a sales professional, they’ve likely already consumed content, talked to colleagues, and read user reviews.

Meeting the needs of these prospects often requires sales teams to be prepared for almost anything. And that preparation falls to the sales enablement function, which is tasked with keeping sales reps informed of the latest product updates, content assets, and more.


In this episode of B2B Nation, we’re talking to Jon Carlson, Sr. Marketing Director at Allego, which makes a sales enablement platform that helps sales reps learn and access resources at the right place, at the right time. Our discussion covers the evolution of the sales enablement function and its tools, what to look for in a sales enablement leader, how Allego markets its solution, and more.

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Episode Guide

3:01: When should an organization think about dedicated resources for sales enablement?
6:00: What is driving the broadening of the sales enablement function and its tools?
8:59: How does the blending of the marketing and sales functions change sales enablement?
14:43: What should B2B vendors look for in a sales enablement leader?
19:05: What messages are resonating with Allego’s customers and prospects?
24:24: What is Jon’s favorite tool?

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