January 4, 2022

What’s the Right Approach to Marketing for Your Startup?

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One of the challenges that many B2B startups face is how to effectively market their product in a way that fosters growth without breaking the bank. It’s also not unusual for startups to launch their marketing efforts before building out a fully staffed marketing team.

Just one look at the B2B marketing landscape reveals a number of tactics available to help startups attract buyers, including SEO-backed content marketing, thought leadership opportunities, digital ads, and lead generation. Each of these approaches have pros and cons. And which tactics work for your startup will rely on a number of factors, including your budget, resources, and goals.

Eyal Katz is a former anthropologist and search engine marketer for SAP who started an agency that specializes in taking early-stage startups to their growth phase. In this episode of B2B Nation, we talk to Eyal about startup marketing, what gets him excited about B2B marketing in 2022, and more.

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Episode Guide

4:43: The importance of writing as a marketing skill.
6:10: The most effective marketing tactics for B2B startups.
10:14: How to decide where your marketing tactics should go after the initial campaign.
14:17: Common marketing mistakes and misconceptions startups have around marketing.
19:38: What gets Eyal excited about B2B marketing in 2022?
24:46: What is Eyal’s favorite tool?

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