March 11, 2015

Study: What Customers Want From Marketing Emails

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You can’t call it a comeback, because email never really went away. But smartphones’ increasing screensize and near omnipresence in many countries is fueling an email revival. The majority of emails are now consumed first on mobile devices, and consumers’ substantial usage of smartphones has rejuvenated email as a marketing medium. 

To help businesses get a clearer understanding of what consumers expect from marketing emails today, TechnologyAdvice Research designed a nationwide internet survey that was conducted March 2 -4, 2015. Over 1,300 U.S. adults were surveyed regarding how often they read marketing emails, then 472 respondents were further questioned about the types of emails they preferred, why they marked email as spam, and how often they received irrelevant emails.

We put together the following infographic, highlighting some of the study’s main findings:

do your subscribers read your marketing emails

The complete report examines how marketers and businesses should interpret these findings and discusses the importance of marketing automation tools in relation to effective email marketing. We also recommend email marketing techniques that businesses can use to avoid being marked as spam and create more relevant content.


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