June 30, 2020

White Paper: Job Titles Won’t Help You Find Decision Makers. Machine Learning Will.

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It’s been a while since search engines like Google and Bing enhanced their search algorithms with machine learning. Instead of relying mostly on keywords to deliver search results, most search engines now use various forms of artificial intelligence like machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) to provide users with better, more relevant information. The result has been overwhelmingly positive — search engines are much better today than they were ten years ago.

But while search-based companies like Google and Microsoft were quick to adopt ML, the same doesn’t hold true for every company that performs searches as a core business function. In the lead generation industry, many companies still rely on business logic to search their databases for leads that meet clients’ filter criteria. Just like keyword-based searches on the internet, business logic works, but it doesn’t always provide the best search results.

That’s why TechnologyAdvice built a machine learning model to identify the best leads for client targeting. This model uses NLP to look past job titles to find more relevant leads, all while reducing the cost per lead. We provide an in-depth discussion of how our machine learning model can improve your campaign outcomes in our white paper “Job Titles Won’t Help You Find Decision Makers. Machine Learning Will.”

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Job Titles Won't Help You Find Decision Makers. Machine Learning Will.

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