July 31, 2015

Product Spotlight: LeadOutcome Marketing Automation

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In this product spotlight video, Steffany Winkelmann, LeadOutcome’s Marketing Manager and Customer Success Manager, speaks with Technology Analyst Eric Perry. Winkelmann shares how LeadOutcome helps small businesses use the same marketing automation tools that big businesses benefit from, but at an affordable price.

When asked about what separates LeadOutcome from other marketing automation platforms, Winkelmann explained their price is the differentiator, Our offering is a lot lower than our competitors. We also provide a lot of the tools that the bigger guys do.  Winkelmann also points to LeadOutcome’s referral program, which none of their competitors have. Customers earn 37.5 percent commission on people they sign up for LeadOutcome.

Regarding best practices for their software, Winkelmann says the best way to implement it is to simply use it. She went on to add:

“One of the biggest causes of frustration for our users is the fact that they aren’t getting into the software and actually trying to do something. Have a goal. Once a week, send this number of emails, create “x” number of campaigns, and create a landing page. Every week have at least one goal.”  

Below are a few excerpts from the remainder of the conversation:

TA: Who is your ideal customer for LeadOutcome?

Winkelmann: “Our ideal customer is a small business owner — the one to two man team who really can’t afford to use all the big wig tools. They may have some email marketing tools, some webinar tools, they may have specific email tracking tools, and just a lot of little things all over the place. Our ideal customer is that person. We use Zappier to integrate our product with all of their products to make it seamless.  We love working with a small business owner to develop their marketing and business plans, and really get a lot out of the software.”

TA: Tell us about your pricing structure. What does pricing look like for LeadOutcome?

Winkelmann: “The pricing is based off of two models, so it’s pretty straightforward. The first one is professional, which is $49.99 per month. The second is premiere, and that’s $59.99 per month. With professional you get 5,000 contacts, and with the premiere product you get 10,000 contacts. You can always add on to that —  we do allow  additional contacts, so simply contact us for pricing. Both of our products allow for unlimited email sending. You can send as many emails as you like, which is something that most other companies will not allow. Between the two packages, some things will be available on one, while some things will not be available in the other.”

TA: What’s a limitation of LeadOutcome?

Winkelmann: “One limitation is the lack of really advanced tools some of the other companies may have. While we do offer them, it is an additional cost.  They are called rules, and these rules will allow you to automate even more. We do have smart pixels, which can automate a ton of things you are looking to do, but some things are just not available within the smart pixels. You will need to advance into the rules section for those.  That is an additional cost, so it is one limitation straight out of the box. You need to be able to pay for the additional rules software, but it is a feature you can add on to the product.”


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