July 27, 2021

Is the RevOps Methodology Right for Your B2B Organization?

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More and more B2B companies are adopting revenue operations, which some see as a strategy or as a framework for organizing marketing, sales and customer success teams. For our guest on this episode of B2B Nation, RevOps is a methodology.

Jason Reichl is CFO of Breadcrumbs and the former CEO of GoNimbly, and he is a long-time supporter of RevOps. For Jason, the RevOps methodology is a way for companies to focus on one thing: increasing revenue.

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In his view, RevOps changes the organizational structure by introducing the role of revenue operators, but it also changes tactical components of sales and marketing, such as how leads are scored, which data helps drive revenue, measuring the right KPIs, and more.

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Episode Guide

2:37: What’s wrong with the way most companies are scoring their leads?
5:08: How many companies are doing little to no lead scoring?
7:13: B2B marketers are awash in data. What is the data that really matters?
11:44: Indicators and KPIs that lead to revenue.
15:20: Growth from existing customers vs. new customer acquisition.
22:23: What does it look like when revenue operations is done well?
29:30: The importance of customer experience in B2B.