April 25, 2019

These 7 Influitive Alternatives Will Boost Your Customer and Employee Advocacy Fast

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Only a few years ago, companies began to understand that gamification and rewards were key to improving employee and customer advocacy.

While these systems have significantly matured since 2015 when adding a leaderboard to your product was the pinnacle of gamification, the fact remains: software that promotes individual advocacy and engagement is critical to business growth.

Influitive provides advocacy and engagement software including customer rewards, referral marketing, event advocacy, and embedded advocacy. But just because it’s the most well-known of the advocacy software choices doesn’t mean it’s best for every company.

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These 7 Influitive alternatives provide companies and organizations with referral, advocacy, and engagement programs that fit the needs of companies of any size or marketing strategy. Some of the options in this list are direct Influitive competitors, while others provide similar advocacy, engagement, and referral services for industries or defined markets.

7 Alternatives to Influitive Advocacy and Engagement Software


Ambassador’s advocacy platform provides referral, influencer, advocate, partner, and affiliate marketing programs all from a single app. The platform gives companies a single source of truth for all of their advocacy content, contacts, and rewards.

Use automated payouts to ensure that advocates get their rewards on time and without extra oversight. The partner marketing tools let your teams share leads directly via CRM API instead of manual transfers, and tap into the reports to find the most engaged advocates and track your program ROI.


Nationbuilder is an advocate marketing tool for nonprofits and politicians. The tool lets individuals and organizations build a website, maintain a searchable CRM of advocates, send content to those advocates, measure engagement, and gather donations all from a single app.

The Nationbuilder Network tool connects your internal resources across the country and suits organizations with distributed teams such as unions, non-profit organizations, and industry associations.


GaggleAmp is an employee advocacy and content amplification tool that helps companies get more attention for their content. When the marketing team uploads content to GaggleAMP, employees receive a notification that alerts them to share the content. Employees can share, schedule, or automate a content post directly from the app, and the company receives deep analytics to show how their employees and content are doing.


Yotpo is a customer loyalty and reviews management system for ecommerce companies. They provide custom deployment and content services that fit the particular needs of your company, products, and customer needs. This ensures that the referral or loyalty program matches with the types of customers your products attract. The Yotpo systems integrate with your existing marketing solutions, making it easy for companies to build upon their current reviews, marketing, and email campaigns.

Mention Me

Mention Me is an online referral software as a service (SaaS) that lets customers source referrals for your company through a unique link or with name mentions that earn rewards. Mention Me consults with companies on the design of their reward program, and companies only pay to Mention Me for the completed referrals. And because Mention Me’s platform recognizes both link-sharing referrals and referrals by name, companies can reward their customers for word of mouth marketing as well as digital referrals.


Zuberance is an all-in-one advocate marketing platform. The platform contains marketing tools so you can connect with current and potential advocates via email, social media, text, online communities, and more. Advocates engage with your white-labeled portal to post reviews, testimonials, or case studies, and participate in the community where they can earn rewards for their engagement.

Dynamic Signal

Dynamic Signal is employee communication and engagement software that gives companies direct content sharing access to their employees. The platform provides communication tools, and employee experience module, and employee advocacy programs in a single platform.

Create, curate, and advocate employee social sharing of the company’s content right from the messaging apps your employees already use. Best of all, the reporting tools help you understand which types of content your employees engage with most so you can repeat what you’re doing right.

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