September 7, 2021

Can Hybrid and Virtual Models Improve the B2B Event Experience?

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Ike Singh Kehal and his team at Social27 spent much of 2019 re-thinking online events and virtual experiences. A few months later, with the global pandemic shutting down in-person events of all sizes, Social27 found itself flooded by inbound inquiries from marketers and event professionals looking to make a pivot to virtual experiences. Even Ike, Social27’s CEO, found himself giving demos for more than 12 hours straight on some days.

Today, Social27 is adjusting its story to align with the new reality of the events industry. This includes helping its prospects and customers understand the expectations and key performance indicators of online and hybrid events. It also requires helping loyal in-person event attendees understand the value of new virtual event models.

In this episode of B2B Nation we talk to Ike about marketing in a world where suddenly your product is in very high demand, about how marketers and event planners need to consider personalization instead of massive events, and whether or not online event fatigue is just an excuse for low-quality content.

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Episode Guide

2:10: How did the increase in demand for event platforms change the way Social27 markets its platform?
6:56: The shift from quick fixes to long-term, strategic thinking in the events space.
10:19: How hybrid and virtual events can improve the B2B event experience
15:17: Is personalization the key to improving the B2B event experience?
20:14: Convincing attendees that new event models will work for them.
24:25: Helping event teams champion a new model for events internally.
27:10: The challenges of disrupting the traditional event model.
29:54: What is Ike’s favorite tool?

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