December 7, 2021

How Your Target Market Changes When Everyone is a Tech Buyer

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Gartner says that approximately 40 percent of all employees are what it describes as “business technologists.” These employees sit outside of the IT organization, but work with technologies like business intelligence and data analytics.

And as more digital natives enter the workforce, the comfort level that employees have with data, application development, and technology in general will continue to rise.

Emily Gaylord is a global marketing campaigns manager for OutSystems, a low-code application development vendor that puts the power to create apps in the hands of people who sit (mostly) outside of IT. Emily and her colleagues create different campaigns to reach the different roles involved in the purchase decision, from the C-level on down to the people who will use the platform.

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In this episode of B2B Nation, Emily talks about the challenge of targeting technology tools to business people, picking the right tone for the right target audience, how marketing for the IT channel differs from marketing to users, and more.

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Episode Guide

2:26: The unique challenges of marketing tech to business roles without alienating IT
4:00: What is the most effective way OutSystems reaches its market?
5:33: Why each role in the buying process requires a different marketing campaign.
7:13: What’s the difference between marketing to the IT channel vs. user marketing?
9:00: What Emily expects to see more innovation in B2B marketing in 2022.
10:49: What is Emily’s favorite tool?

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