October 9, 2013

How to Select an Enterprise Gamification Vendor

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Although small-scale gamification strategies can garner results, at the enterprise level, a gamification platform is almost essential for success. Unfortunately, there are seemingly endless choices and a slew of issues to consider when selecting the best vendor. Here are some questions and concerns to keep in mind when evaluating a gamification vendor.

Ease of Setup and Integration – Is the platform easy to install and incorporate into your organization? If it requires an extensive installation, can you afford the lost workforce productivity? Another important thing to check is whether or not the platform will require additional hardware. If it won’t integrate completely into your pre-existing infrastructure, your budget will need to factor in the additional costs.

Customization – How flexible is the platform? Will you be able to adapt the software to your specific needs? In many cases, a successful gamification platform requires direct attention to company specific objectives. If you are selecting a platform that isn’t custom built, will it allow for changes to fit your future needs? Additionally, does the platform allow for real-time adaptation and development? Gamification isn’t a static process and will require fine-tuning as your objectives shift. If you’re implementing a long-term solution then make sure the platform you select allows for adaptability and customization.

Ease of Use – How easy is the platform to manage? If your enterprise can support a complex platform that requires full-time management, then your selection process is different than those wanting a simpler, less-involved system. Additionally, it is important to assess whether or not the platform will work across multiple departments or office locations. If you want to gamify multiple areas of your enterprise, your chosen solutions needs to have wide-scale management tools.

Analysis and Feedback – Does the platform provide useful analytics? Simply increasing workplace productivity is a valuable goal, but another fantastic by-product of gamification is the amount of data it provides. Instead of setting for one broad goal, break down your objectives and continually analyze the results. Not only is feedback essential for the continued success of your solution, but it can provide extremely valuable information about your management and workforce.

Pricing/Licensing – What pricing structures does the vendor provide? Properly assessing the cost of the platform is important because there are a wide variety of options. Gamification pricing structures can range from an up-front purchase to monthly licensing or even a profit percentage. What pricing structure best fits your budget and goals? If you want a simple solution designed for one purpose, an up-front payment might be the best option. If you’re looking for a wide-ranging platform with objectives that change over time, a monthly licensing contract may give you additional technical support.

These questions and concerns are just a small part of the process. Gamification requires extensive research and careful consideration. Conveniently, there is a way to easily compare more than 80 gamification vendors almost instantly. Technology Advice has done most of the research for you. Just go to the Smart Advisor Tool, answer the targeting questions, and we will give you three great gamification options that best fit your needs.



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