May 18, 2021

How to Leverage Conversational Intelligence in Social Media

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In this episode of B2B Nation, we talk to Todd Grossman, CEO of Talkwalker Americas, about how brands can effectively track the conversations that matter to them on social media.

This space used to be called social media analytics, then it was called social media listening. Today, it’s often described as “conversational intelligence,” and it delivers a detailed analysis of the conversations about brands and products across social media platforms.

As Todd explains, Talkwalker’s technology can analyze social media platforms, podcasts, blogs and more. Its reporting goes deeper than vanity metrics like shares and likes. It includes details on who is taking part in online conversations and analyzes the sentiment of the discussion.

We also talk about the future of social media and social audio, the disinformation problem and Todd’s favorite productivity tools.

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Episode Guide

3:22: How social media monitoring evolved into conversational intelligence
5:04: Examples of conversational intelligence in action
7:39: The type of reporting that conversational intelligence delivers
9:15: Battling disinformation on social media during the pandemic
11:42: The effects of disinformation and toxicity on social media
13:57: How do social audio and Clubhouse fit in?
15:30: What will be the popular social media conversations one year from now?
16:49: What are Todd’s favorite tools and applications?