April 6, 2021

How to Do Product Positioning in Marketing

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In this episode of B2B Nation, we talk to April Dunford, a product positioning expert and author of the book Obviously Awesome. April shares with us the story of finding her niche in product marketing, the methodology she uses to help position B2B products as outlined in her book, advice for businesses and marketers looking to create a new category and more.

April didn’t set out to enter the world of product positioning. In fact, she didn’t set out to do marketing at all. But early in her career, she was put in charge of marketing a failing product and had every intention of ending its life. Before she could do that, however, she found six customers who said they loved the product — they just didn’t use it as it was intended. And so began a career focused on properly positioning products for the market to ensure they succeed.

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Episode Guide

2:24: How did product positioning become your niche?

5:31: Common mistakes marketers make in positioning.

7:43: The danger of falling in love with your idea of what a product is.

10:57: Do you really want to create a new category?

20:29: A new category creation success story

22:30: The signs your product positioning is weak.

24:15: The positioning methodology outlined in Obviously Awesome.

31:38: How do you get the various teams in your organization on board with your positioning?

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