September 10, 2013

Harness Excel to Decimate Duplicate Data

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How much time and productivity is lost due to duplicate Excel sheet entries? No one really knows, but it’s probably a lot. In fact, the limit may not exist. Thankfully, Technology Advice has made a short video showing you how to¬†easily take large databases or tables and make Excel highlight all the duplicate entries. Finally, the robots work for you. Because no one wants to have to manually sort through Excel tables all afternoon. That’s almost worse than having your favorite stapler stolen. Check out the video below.

See? Pretty cool. Excel’s a powerful program, but can also be confusing. We get that. Which is why Technology Advice has made a series of videos in order to help you solve some common-but-tricky issues. Besides sorting through redundant data, we cover custom formulas, transposing tools, and doing basic math without creating formulas (pretty much like riding a bike with no hands, but inside of a computer). Check out all the videos on our official channel.
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