March 15, 2022

How to Generate Value from Online B2B Communities

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One of the big trends in B2B marketing right now is using a true demand generation strategy built on content and distribution to raise awareness among buyers, even if they aren’t currently in market.

This “pull” strategy will bring you qualified visitors if it’s well planned and executed. But what happens next? For some businesses, that audience of readers and listeners becomes an online community.

Dana Freker Doody is the VP, Marketing and Communications, at Juno, an online platform that helps turn an audience into a community. In this episode of B2B Nation, we’re talking to Dana about growing online communities, measuring their effectiveness, and what her journey from journalism to B2B marketing taught her along the way.

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Episode Guide

2:06: How Dana’s background in journalism helps her B2B marketing.
6:10: Tips for growing and keeping a community online.
10:40: How to determine ROI for online community efforts.
12:40: Be the place where your audience hangs out.
14:19: Why Dana thinks curiosity is the No. 1 skill in marketing today.
19:54: “If you struggle with changement, get yourself a job at a start-up company.”
22:15: What is Dana’s favorite tool?

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