September 25, 2013

Gamification Community in the Works for Stack Exchange

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Tags: Gamification

An expert community dedicated to providing information about gamification solutions is in the works at Q&A site Stack Exchange. The proposed site, called simply Gamification, is currently in the “Commitment” stage of development.

In order for a proposed community to become a full Stack Exchange site, it must clear three benchmarks. The Gamification proposal has so far passed the “Definition” stage, where the message and goal of the site is refined, and now has 86% of the 200 commitments needed to pass into the final “Probabtion” or beta stage. Individuals can commit to the page by creating a Stack Exchange account and agreeing to post in the community during its beta trial.

Once a site goes into beta, it will be live on Stack Exchange’s website, and fully functional, while wider community interest is gauged. The Gamification page seems to be generating increasing levels of traffic, and currently has an active discussion base that will surely expand once it enters wider circulation.

Stack Exchange sites are generally noted for their technical savvy, as the site employs its own gamified ranking system to reward active and knowledgeable users. A dedicated Gamification community could certainly be a useful resource for individuals and businesses with questions regarding implementation, management, and optimization of their gamification services. We’ll report further once the site has gone into beta.