August 29, 2013

Five Simple Ways to Gamify Your Online Marketing

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Gamification is a wide ranging concept that can be interpreted and reimagined in countless ways across industries. It holds power because it can be used in almost any context and with companies of every size. Although enterprise gamification has received the most attention, the concept is relevant for any company regardless of size. If your business is interested in using gamification, but doesn’t want to be tied into a long term strategy, we’ve listed some simple ways to add gamification into your online marketing, right now.

Giveaways: Giveaways are an easy way to build interest in your brand. The appeal of victory and a free reward can grab the attention of otherwise uninterested customers, not to mention retaining the interest of existing ones. Additionally, having participants submit basic contact information to enter is an effective way to analyze and keep track of your audience. Depending on your industry, the giveaway prize could range from a sample of your product to a gift card or service credit.1

Quizzes/Guessing Games: “Calling in” isn’t just for the radio! Quizzes and guessing games are simple ways to encourage engagement.  In some cases, the challenge of the quiz itself may be enough reward for participants, but consider including a small prize for fast and correct answers. Similar to giveaways, adding regularity to a quiz will drive continuing engagement (there’s a reason bars have a dedicated trivia night).2

Photo/Video Contests: Using gamification to create unique content is powerful for several reasons. With the current popularity of smartphones, the power of photography/videography has been delivered to average consumers. Apps like Instagram and Vine allow users to recreationally create and share “art,” so why not harness that for your business? Foremost, it encourages customer engagement. Not only can you build brand interest, but a photo/video contest provides you with free marketing content. Even better, a brand with a large customer created content base will appear well established and desirable.3

Polls: Online polls establish customer loyalty because they allow the customer to interact with your decision making. Letting your audience have a say in the company’s direction can deepen their ties. Although an online poll probably isn’t the best solution for executive-level decisions, try creating one when you can’t decide on a new product name or want general feedback.

Rewarding Status/Achievement: If part of your online strategy includes a forum or community, then consider adding achievement levels. Something as basic as a post-count or involvement badge could add incentive for participation. It might sound too easy to be true, but point systems can be truly addictive.3

Simple gamification tactics such as these could lead to big business gains. While gamification really succeeds when you use a long term strategy and objective benchmarks, the methods here are cost effective and easy to execute when you’re just beginning. You can also check out these gamification marketing solutions for your own company.


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