July 15, 2015

Expert Interview: Lead Generation and Marketing Automation Roundtable

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Historically, lead engagement has been comprised of a phone call after a few basic interactions from prospects, such as filling out a form or subscribing to an email list. But in the last few years, marketing automation has revolutionized this process. The ability to follow — and help — leads throughout their customer journey has dramatically changed the ways in which companies engage with potential leads.

In TechnologyAdvice’s RoundTable series, Josh Bland spoke with marketing automation industry leaders to see where lead generation currently stands in the industry.

The five guests echoed a very similar message throughout: email marketing is no longer enough to effectively generate leads. With the advent of multiple channels that allow companies to  engage with customers, it’s becoming increasingly important to create a unified message that resonates well through all levels of engagement.

Hear our favorite takeaways in the podcast below, or download the show to listen later.

Here are the most compelling quotes we heard:

– David Johnson, Oracle Marketing Cloud, on engaging with customers on the right channels:

“Email, specifically for demand generation, isn’t nearly enough anymore. Wherever it is customers prefer to engage, that’s where you need to meet them with the appropriate message. Email has been the leader in the past. You’re going to see that continue to decline, and other categories will take on more significance.”

– Jim Meyer, eTrigue, on how to best track leads:

“Marketing automation is a tool that magnifies the ability for sales to be successful. You can set up an alert when a company or individual you’re tracking takes an action. If your team follows up within the first half hour, they’re 10x more likely to get the person on the phone because they’re still sitting at their desk.”

– Janis Rose, Mailigen, on improving lead acquisition:

“You can use a marketing automation solution to automatically follow people on social, look for emails on social, and get more information. Today, everybody uses so many different ways to acquire leads on the web.”

– Lucy Hitz, Simply Measured, on using social to generate leads:

“It’s a very exciting thing for lead-gen. You’re able to pair email marketing with social efforts, and are also able to use social as a content delivery system to potential leads after they’re brought into the funnel.”

– Nilesh Patel, LeadSquared, on means of customer engagement:

“Marketing automation systems, or any system that can see customer contacts, need to engage with all the inbound ways of capturing leads. Be it by phone, chat, website, landing pages, email, all of that.”

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