October 11, 2013

Excel Tricks: Use Custom Data Entry to Avoid Input Errors

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If you need to enter specific information for lots of different variables, mistakes can (and often do) occur all too frequently. One way to reduce such errors is by creating drop-down lists, allowing you to choose the right code or number for each entry without having to type the values in over and over.

Such drop-down choices simplify entering information like product codes, and speed up your workflow. Because no one wants to play one-of-these-is-not-like-the-other inside Excel.

Just to recap:

1. Enter the values you’d like to have in a drop down on a separate Excel sheet

2. Select the area you want to put the data

3. Navigate to the data tab, and select the “Data Validation” option from the “Data Validation” drop-down menu

4. Select “List” on the Allow menu

5. For the source, select the values you entered in step one, and click “OK”

6. Congratulate yourself on becoming a more productive worker.

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