November 6, 2013

Excel Tricks – Stay Organized with Sort and Filter

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If you’re making a list of data with various categories and classifications, it can be frustrating to choose an organization scheme. One specific method may be great in one regard but not provide all the functionality you need. Conveniently, Excel allows you to easily reorganize your data without having to re-enter anything. The Sort and Filter feature is a fantastic tool for making the most out of your data.

Check out our video below!

Here’s a Quick Recap:
1. Select a cell in the row you want to organize.
2. Click the “Sort and Filter” drop down menu from the top right.
3. Select your desired organization scheme. (We chose Sort A to Z)
4. Bonus! From the same menu, select “Filter.”
5. Click the “Type” arrow and un-check the desired setting.
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