Excel Tricks - Freeze the Column Headings
October 31, 2013

Excel Tricks – Freeze the Column Headings

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Scrolling through large databases in Microsoft Excel can be cumbersome because it is difficult to keep track of what you’re looking at. Even if your data is carefully organized at the top, it’s easy to get lost once you start scrolling down. Don’t worry though, Excel offers a quick and easy remedy! In just a few seconds you can freeze the column headings and make your spreadsheet easier to understand! Check out our video below!

Here’s a quick recap:
1. Select any cell and choose “View” from the top menu
2. Select the “Freeze Panes” drop down menu
3. Select “Freeze Top Row”
4. To go turn it off, go to the “View” menu and select “Unfreeze Panes”

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