February 22, 2022

What Are the Essential Skills Required in B2B Marketing?

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The “Great Resignation” has everyone talking about career goals, skills development, and job opportunities. With so many people moving around within industries or moving from one career path to another, there’s a lot of demand for skills training, which, like everything else these days, is increasingly taking place online.

Brian Finnerty is the VP of marketing at Udacity, a company that focuses on skills development and talent transformation. We talked to Brian about what he thinks are the essential B2B marketing skills required to succeed today. The transformation of marketing over the past decade means that today the discipline includes roles for soft skills like creativity, hard skills like data analytics, and people skills like customer service.

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We’re also going to discuss the pros and cons of marketing in a space that has everyone talking right now, the marketing lessons of the past year, and Brian’s view of in-person and virtual events moving forward.

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Episode Guide

2:30: Does the worldwide focus on the job market and careers create challenges for Brian’s team to cut through the noise?
4:51: What are the essential skills required to succeed in B2B marketing today?
9:17: The most underrated skill in marketing today is…
11:56: How long does Brian think “The Great Resignation” will last?
15:30: What happens next with in-person and virtual events?
19:50: What marketing lesson did Brian learn in the past year?
20:42: “It’s the story, not the channel, that determines your success.”
21:14: What is the tool Brian can’t live without?

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