October 24, 2019

6 Ways to Celebrate Cybersecurity Month You Can Use All Year

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It seems like there is a national holiday for anything and everything, but when we heard that October was National Cybersecurity Month, we actually got excited. What better way to celebrate than sharing some cybersecurity marketing awareness tips you can use year-round?

Feel free to use any of these ideas to party-down awareness-style with your customers this month or any other time to drum up excitement for cybersecurity and your product.

1. Celebrate strong passwords

Inform your customers about the importance of strong passwords and help them ward off attacks at the same time. Do a #changeyourpassword challenge, or start a #strongpassword pledge on social media. Tag your favorite cybersecurity influencers to help get the word out about this important protocol.

2. Publish a short video series on major threats

Have an in-house expert that loves to talk about phishing schemes? What about the database security pro? Get them in front of the camera for a quick question and answer session, and post the video to your followers. This evergreen content will pay off throughout the year.

3. Syndicate your content

Feeling like your reach has reached its limits? Extend your awareness with content syndication. These marketing programs combine the power of your content with our audience. Together we can find you the accounts that you’ve been missing all along. And because you use your existing white paper and ebook assets, content syndication campaigns are easy to set up. Find out more about content syndication with TechnologyAdvice.

4. Write cyber-spooky themed posts

Combine your love of security with your love of all things spooky. What’s scarier than a guy in a hockey mask? Data insecurity! Write a couple of themed posts that celebrate spooky season and cybersecurity best practices. Drop these in your newsletter, share on social media, and tag your cybersecurity influencer friends.

5. Homemade stock photo contest

Have you been on a stock photo site recently? Some of the cybersecurity images are hilarious! Run your own social media cybersecurity photo contest with your social followers. Give a small prize (and lots of shares) to the winner of the best photo. Try any (or all!) of these categories:

  • Most hilarious
  • Most true-to-life
  • Most unexpected

6. User-generated video reviews

Speaking of user-generated content, why not use National Cybersecurity Month to celebrate your best clients? Hold an online video contest or social post contest that answers the question “We love cybersecurity so much, we ”

Or conduct surveys for case studies. Make a short online survey that solicits stories of ROI from your users. Turn the winners into case studies, and cross promote with the applicants. Win-win!

Have a little fun and raise awareness

Cybersecurity is serious business, but that doesn’t mean we have to stay serious in our marketing. Try some of these awareness-boosting tactics to promote your brand and engage with your community.

Want even more ways to promote your brand? Every day we speak with the cybersecurity professionals you’re looking for. Let’s talk about how we can connect you with your next audience.

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