October 17, 2016

Conference Preview: Engagement and Experience Expo

Written by
Aleks Peterson

It’s never too soon to break out the festive sweaters and holly wreaths, and it’s never too soon to plan your next conference visit.

We’ll be kicking off the holiday season with a trip to Denver, Colorado for the Engagement & Experience Expo, sponsored by Loyalty360. The conference will take place December 5-7 at the Downtown Denver Marriott City Center. Despite only being four years old, the Expo is stacked with a list of speakers and sessions high enough to match the altitude of its home city.

NOTE: The Engagement & Experience Expo was recently pushed back from November 7-9 to its new December 5-7 date. 

Why are we excited? Because the Engagement & Experience Expo is more than a conference. Attendees are encouraged to interact, engage, and join a larger dialogue about improving user experience across channels. This year’s expo will reshape the way people think about their customer and brand challenges and (hopefully) uncover solutions.

Sessions will focus on creating authentic engagement, cultivating influencers, and using data to build build better customer journeys. Attendees will also get hands-on practice with emerging technologies and a chance to reevaluate important standbys like social media and mobile.

It’s no accident that the Expo takes place at the end of the year; December is a perfect time to plan and prepare for a better 2017.

Speaking of preparation, here are some our favorite sessions you can look forward to:

Fashionable CX: Hear Rent the Runway’s Secrets to Personalization and Customer Engagement

While most websites are struggling to get visitors to submit their email addresses, Rent the Runway has convinced thousands of visitors to reveal their most personal data right down to height and weight. How Rent the Runway has used reciprocity to build such trust with its customers will be the topic of David Page’s portion of this session, while Ernan Roman will back up the stories with research about millennials and personalization.

Emphasis on Ethics: A Renewed Focus on Corporate Social Responsibility

An excellent user experience might win over your customers’ minds, but brands that inspire the most loyalty must win over their customers’ hearts as well. One of the most impactful ways a brand can do this is by investing their money and time in social responsibility. This session will focus on choosing the right pathway and level of commitment for community involvement.

The Passion Play: Leveraging Empowered Employees for Deeper Engagement

  • Emily Verner, Director of Marketing at Great Eastern Energy
  • Linh Peters, Sr. Director of Loyalty Marketing & Strategy, Ulta Beauty

Your employees — from your brick-and-mortar stores to your corporate offices — are the first line of positive defense when it comes to evangelizing your brand’s value proposition. To engage this invaluable asset, successful companies need to be thoughtful about their hiring, training, and ongoing culture. Emily Verner and Linh Peters work for two companies doing employee engagement right and will walk attendees through a series of best practices.

Understanding & Motivating Your Existing Customers

Brad Marg, COO of Clutch

Vanessa Clark, Director of Marketing, Goodwill Denver

A nonprofit probably isn’t the first organization that comes to most people’s minds when they think about brands that have mastered customer intelligence. But Goodwill Denver is doing just that — using real-time POS transactions to deploy intelligent follow-up campaigns for their customers. Goodwill Denver’s marketing director Vanessa Clark and Brad Marg, COO of Clutch, will share insights from this effort, as well as ideas for how attendees can find, analyze, and take action on data about their own customers.


After two days of sessions, the Engagement & Experience Expo will conclude with Loyalty 360’s CX Awards — an annual event recognizing the year’s leaders in crafting incredible customer experiences. It’s an excellent way to wrap-up. Picture your brand’s name in lights in 2017. Interested? You can register for the conference here.