January 11, 2022

How Centers of Excellence Can Help Your B2B Marketing Strategy

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B2B companies that sell into a number of specific industries need to create messages and content that appeal to their customers’ specific challenges. Healthcare and financial services, for example, are both highly regulated industries, but they deal with different regulations.

In this episode of B2B Nation, we’re talking to Wayne Bulsiewicz of Simplus, an Infosys company that helps its customers get more out of their Salesforce deployments. Wayne and the Simplus team are growing their content strategy by creating marketing Centers of Excellence around the specific industries that Simplus targets.

These Centers of Excellence will provide the marketing and sales teams at Simplus with the industry-specific expertise they need to speak confidently to their customers and prospects.

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Our conversation also covers experiential marketing and why newsletters seem to be the marketing vehicle that just won’t quit.

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Episode Guide

2:03: How do you define “experiential marketing,” and how does Simplus use it?
4:30: How does Simplus measure the results of its content marketing experience?
8:45: What Simplus does to help customers maximize their Salesforce investment.
11:05: How the “centers of excellence” approach helps Simplus overcome its marketing challenges.
13:59: What should companies look for when staffing a center of excellence?
16:15: How does the Simplus sales team align with its centers of excellence?
17:10: What gets Wayne excited about marketing and business in 2022?
21:20: Why is Wayne so high on email and newsletters?

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